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A visit with the Owl

The Hawaiian Owl – Pueo

A visit with the owl

The drive over the old portion of saddle road is beautiful. Rolling pastures and patches of woodland.The Hawaiian Owl is diurnal,meaning active during the day and they frequent the area of the old road. Last week, on my return journey home, the mists were rolling in fast, as I glanced up the sun bounced of the cloud and lit up the belly of a circling Hawaiian Owl – Pueo. Previously I had found owls sitting on fence posts when the visibility was low and sure enough further up the road after three bends there was this beautiful owl sitting on a post as if waiting to visit. Luckily the road was quiet with no traffic and I was able to walk within 20 ft with the owl watching every move. My visit with the owl turned an otherwise worrying day into one that was peaceful and special.

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