Chris Butcher Photography



How do I think of myself – am I an artist or a photographer: What is my intention when I make an image? Am I documenting life as I see it or am I using my creativity to make art? And what is art anyway but something we create with our own skill and imagination. All the decisions we make when we take a photograph come from our creative center.

Although I was exposed to traditional photography and Film development at an early age it was not until 2005 that I began to develop as an Artist/Photographer. I am essentially self-taught; learn by experimenting, reading and listening to the experiences of my peers.

Once upon a time, long ago, Art was considered a luxury for most, but times have changed. Art is not only accessible and affordable, it surrounds us and brings daily pleasure.

I enjoy creating pieces that lift you up and inspire you, images that bring joy and meaning.

Giving birth to art isn’t easy. Each image is carefully crafted and holds the memories and sensations of an exact moment; a moment to be shared here with you . I hope you enjoy visiting my gallery and will stay in touch through my newsletter subscription.





2nd Place – Ocean View Chamber of Commerce – 2006
1st Place – 30th Annual HPP Art Show – 2007

1st Place – Masters Division – Hawaii Photo Expo – 2007
Honorable Mention – Black & White and Enhanced Divisions  – Maui County Fair Photo Exhibit – 2008

Honorable Mention – Abstract Only – Wailoa Center – 2013
Self-Show sponsored by Canon Gallery Honolulu “Point of View” – 2010