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Season special

It’s the season for extra thankfulness. We can all agree there has been much to perplex many of us this year. Regardless of the reason or how we individually felt through our trials of coping it’s important to be thankful. I am truly grateful for your continued support of my work and I am grateful…

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Death of a Tree

I recently spent a nice morning walking through the trees in a tropical garden. Huge ficus giving shade, enjoying the beauty of the bright trunks of the Rainbow eucalyptus and the long braids of the cook pine. Along the way I found a tree less attractive to most visitors. What happened to this tree ?…

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Hawaii Island – The long summer of 2018

        November 2018 Hawaii Island and I still have no adequate words to describe the  lava flow fields, the scarred land, Halemaumau ripped apart, lives put on hold and an economic disaster that will be insurmountable to many. Current status I would say is somewhere around maintaining a pretense. Visitor numbers remain…

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July 15.2018 Life with a Volcano

It was suggested that I write an essay about my raw mixed emotions while experiencing the lava. How do you possibly untangle all the emotions and write a piece that can be understood by someone who may never have experienced it ? That my friend will be a later post. Lava creates land, and frequently…