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I really appreciate your support, some of you are new subscribers and some of you are wondering why you should consider subscribing to this page. Here are the benefits or I should say my thank you for your continued support.

1. I will always guarantee your satisfaction. If there is an issue with your order let me know and I will send you a pre paid postage to return the image  to me. The image will then be either re run or your money returned in full. So when your image arrives keep the packaging until you are sure it's ok. You have 10 business days from your package arriving to notify me off an issue.

2. Great savings, yes  ! How often do you here that.? As a subscriber you have a lifetime coupon for 25% off your cart total and you can use it as many times as you wish. This coupon does not apply to  orders under $100.00 or fundraisers. Just type the code I give you in the coupon box on the shopping cart page and the price will adjust.

3. I value your support, only page subscribers receive that 25% off.

666 lava entry Hawaii

4. What is shipping ? International customers outside the USA and Canada will need to e mail me for a shipping quote or availability of an electronic upload if one is not offered with the chosen image. Customers in the USA and Canada have nothing to add to the price for most sizes. There is $50.00 built into the price to cover fed ex shipping, packaging and processing, yes sometimes I eat the shipping cost but you are worth it. So remember, when you look at the cost of an image , subtract 25% and that's what you pay once you put the coupon code in. Every little while I change that coupon code so watch your monthly letters for that information - the amount stays the same only the code changes.

5. Once every three months I put all your names in a hat and draw one name for something free - there is no cost to you - zero. Your first name and a congratulation note will be posted on the Facebook fan page and I will notify you all by e mail as to who won.

6. Art is expensive ! - Yes it is and I'm pretty sure you can find something less expensive at most big box outlets. I believe art has value, it defines who we are and how we feel. All mediums are of quality standard and I believe in providing jobs for Americans, nothing on my page is bulk produced over seas. I could reduce costs by outsourcing away from the USA I choose quality and American jobs over that option. I have a few American companies who fulfill orders and I personally value their product. My yearly  calendar is not bulk produced or produced outside of the USA. Calendars for the coming year are available by early fall , my previous calendars were produced as only 100 editions making them a little more special. The 2017 Lava calendar sold out before New years arrived !

7. There are two things I ask, if it's not too much of a problem for you. First, subscribers should have an active e mail, meaning one you use regularly. If you don't see my greeting letter or news letter show up after a few business days please check your spam box and make appropriate settings.I use a service for e mails and make every effort to avoid spam bots but it's a learning process. If I notice after a few months that your newsletter was bounced back or worse, never opened then your address will be removed from the subscriber list. Likewise if you decide that my work is of no value you may at anytime unsubscribe from mailings. I mail you a greeting once you subscribe and a monthly newsletter, very occasionally there may be one other mailing in the month. Monthly newsletters may show up close to, at the beginning or by the end of the first week of the month depending on my schedule. The second thing I would like to ask if you would like to participate is a small photo of you with your gorgeous new image , I would use this on my Facebook fan page and in the newsletter with your permission. I will ask you individually by e mail if that is OK.

8. Lastly, I nearly forgot, Availability of electronic uploads. Some of the best sellers are available as electronic uploads, I am getting to others as time permits. These are full resolution files which may be printed at full size by any service you choose. I would suggest that you print on the same medium I chose otherwise I cannot guarantee how the print will appear. I am not responsible for the quality of your print or the quality of the medium or service you use. I ask respectfully that you do not alter the image in any way or seek to remove artist signature or in anyway use the image that takes credit from me the artist. Images may be posted to social media with photo credit given to Chris butcher photography. You may print the image as many times  as you wish for personal use or gifts but they are not to be sold or given over for mass production or financial gain. If you tire of the image you may sell only the printed image not the electronic file. Any attempt to forego these directions  becomes a copyright issue and I do check. These files are not  given as stock photos, they are given in trust. Purchases are made on the site and I will upload the whole file through drop box to your email. Up loads are a standard $100.00.

You indicate your agreement with these upload terms with both your subscription to the page and by any future order for electronic upload.

That's it - though I feel like I forgot something, so if you figure out what it is just drop me a line. Looking forward to sharing this awesome journey with you.



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