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Benefits to subscribing to this web site

     Thank you I really appreciate your support, some of you are new subscribers and some of you are wondering why you should consider subscribing to this page. Here are the benefits or I should say my thank you for your continued support. 1. I will always guarantee your satisfaction. If there is an…

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Orchids – A symbol of Love and Beauty

        I’m really ashamed to say this but I don’t appear to be very successful at  growing  orchids ! Maybe I need to spend some time with friends who know more about it  than I do. I was also never very good at      art work – never hold your breath…

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Fundraiser Sales Event – Hawaii

Most of us as parents and grandparents experience those sinking moments when you think you have a financial plan and then the children or grandchildren present you with that plea for help. This is one of those moments, My Middle Grandson Cody will graduate High School this year and is working really hard to raise…

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Always carry Duct tape and other news

January has been a busy month ! The lava bench collapsed on New Years eve and changed the whole appearance of the ocean entry point at Kamokuna. Since I had a weeks vacation there was no excuse but to set off for that long grueling 9 mile round trip hike across the lava field. Imagine…