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Health care benefits

Your health care benefits Now you might ask – Why is Chris writing about health care ? Read on… I was astonished to find some significant reports on the benefits of the Arts & Humanities in Health care and yes Photography comes within the subject of art. Check out this link when you have time…

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Things you need to know when purchasing images.

  Current subscribers to my newsletter;please note effective March 31/2019 midnight HST the 25% off lifetime coupon will no longer be offered. Effective April 1 there will be a monthly coupon for select items only. This is only available to subscribers who are following my work. All prices include shipping and tax 100% guarantee satisfaction…

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Cherry Blossoms Waimea Big Island Hawaii

Well I finally made it up to Waimea to see the cherry blossoms. Twenty nine years in the making with a bag load of excuses. I did miss the actual cherry blossom  festival choosing instead to avoid the traffic and congestion. It’s about seventy two miles from my house to Waimea but the drive, regardless…

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Road Blocks

What are your road blocks ? what stops you from reaching your goals ? Who put up those road blocks ? Before I retired from “The job” it was easy to empower those pesky voices in the back of your head, you know, we all have them regardless of the variety of our goals. Here…