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Cherry Blossoms Waimea Big Island Hawaii

Well I finally made it up to Waimea to see the cherry blossoms. Twenty nine years in the making with a bag load of excuses. I did miss the actual cherry blossom  festival choosing instead to avoid the traffic and congestion.

It's about seventy two miles from my house to Waimea but the drive, regardless of your route, is quite scenic. As I got closer to Waimea I worried that just maybe I had chosen a bad weather day however it turned out to be great. Shifting mists and intervals of brilliant sunshine made for a great opportunity. I am most surprised that the weeks high winds had not stripped the blossoms.

Seasons have always been important to me as I spent many years living in countries where the seasonal changes are so subtle they are almost non existent. Spring blossoms like the cherry blossom remind us of our life cycles and our impermanence but they also remind us that in spite of weather hardships or our own drawn out dramas the world keeps turning and nature regenerates there is a sense of rejuvenation strengthening us and reinforcing the beauty of life.

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