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Earthquakes and Lava tubes

A few days back our morning coffee was interrupted by quite a big earthquake. We have had bigger, this one was 4.9 but it's center was quite close to my house, probably around 9 miles in a straight line on the map. This old house was in rock and roll mode for about 9 seconds after the initial jolt. Lava is moving, rocks are moving, it's an eerie feeling, nature at work beneath your feet. A good excuse for a second cup of coffee.

A few days after the earthquake I made another boat trip out to the Ocean entry point. A couple months back the lava was pouring from a tube in the cliff face and became known as the Lava hose. Videos spun across cyber space showing the 4 foot wide hose spewing lava into the ocean. Eventually the hose formed a casing and a new bench was formed. Here in this image you can see the casing. On the day of my boat trip the casing cracked open and racing rivers of lava ran across the bench and into the Ocean, quite a spectacle. There is also a very interesting and lengthy article in National Geographic about Lava tubes which you might enjoy.

Inside the deep caves

Encased Lava hose

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