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Fundraiser Sales Event – Hawaii

Puako memories

Most of us as parents and grandparents experience those sinking moments when you think you have a financial plan and then the children or grandchildren present you with that plea for help. This is one of those moments,

My Middle Grandson Cody will graduate High School this year and is working really hard to raise money for a school trip to Japan. Imagine that ! My school trips were to the ballet and opera and maybe a museum, they were never to a distant country.

Cody is a senior at Konawaena High School on the Big Island of Hawaii, it is a small school and there isn't a lot of money in the area but he's busy collecting recyclables and selling candy  in order to raise his portion of the trip as well as a little spending money. Cody's mom is hosting an event with LuLa Roe clothing sales and I am holding a sales event of select pieces of work. The sale starts tomorrow Feb 21 st until Feb 28th.

The Konawaena Japan club is organizing the trip and the students will visit Osaka and Tokyo, I asked Cody what this trip meant to him, he said it was time to expand his horizons and learn about different cultures.That is an interesting statement when you recall that the late  Ellison Onizuka an American astronaut also attended Konawaena High School. Ellison was the first Asian American and the first person of Japanese ancestry to reach space. Sadly Ellison died in the challenger accident but clearly the school does much to encourage their students in life experiences.

My sales event includes one new piece - Puako memories -  a really nice 22" x 14" canvas print. I am only ever going to sell 10 of this print. You will receive a certificate with the series number. view

In the Valley of the Kings 24''x 12" - A gorgeous image from Waipio Valley metal float mount print view

Turtle Trio featuring three of our beautiful Hawaiian turtles - 24" x 12" metal float mount print view

Pele's flowers - 12" x 8" metal float mount a favorite at the market view

Halemaumau Crater - Hawaii -  This is another favorite with customers 12" x 8" metal float mount view

and I have included the best seller of the year 61g - Fresh Lava 17" x 11" metal float mount view

Aloha and thank you for considering this event.





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