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Health care benefits

Your health care benefits

Now you might ask – Why is Chris writing about health care ? Read on…

I was astonished to find some significant reports on the benefits of the Arts & Humanities in Health care and yes Photography comes within the subject of art.

Check out this link when you have time the article leads to other links that may be of benefit to you or your loved ones.

In summary, for those of you in a rush

Your involvement in viewing or creating art is reducing your stress levels, giving your mind a new focal point from the pressures of daily life and or chronic healthcare issues, improving your mental outlook and may even reduce the need for drug consumption.

In 2007 The Department of Health for the United Kingdom reports on the health benefits of arts and humanities in the care of dementia patients

“..a positive mood and engagement in pleasant activities are essential features to a good quality of life..”

Let’s take a look at the physical benefits of photography

Exercise and fresh air: even if it is only a stroll in your backyard with your camera in hand. Think about that for a moment, you can be improving your mind set, muscle tone and energy level, enjoying the yard, produce some photos you enjoy with no need to leave your home or pay a copayment for someone to give you an expensive prescription to improve your wellbeing.

I say, get out the cameras and let’s get healthy. Where do you all want to go for a photo shoot?




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