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How to Purchase Art during a Pandemic

Today is 4/15/2020 and life is very different for all of us. I miss meeting my customers at the market. I miss checking the gallery at Kalapana to see what you were delighted with...mostly I miss normal and I bet you are feeling exactly the same way. I hope you are all staying well.

One consideration from all of this is how will this impact our lives down the road, after a little time cruising on the web, I was totally surprised  to find claims that in spite of a pandemic, art sales on line were doing fantastic. Yes I checked several sources. Now why is that ? How many of you are now working from home? How many of you have a home office ? Might there be a long time yet of staying home ? When we do start to open our places of employment how many will find that some of those jobs will remain as work from home ?

I also checked on sales of home office furniture and  home improvement supplies, yes we are all busy with projects and eager to bring some sort of order and tranquility to our personal spaces. Or maybe it's just we are all sick of looking at the same walls, the same pictures and we just want something new, and fresh and inspiring, something to make calmness easy. I am so glad you all stayed on my mailing list and I am most grateful also to those of you who were able to make purchases directly from me.

I have been amazed for a long time with the knowledge that some of my customers are still working toward their dreams, while others have reached a time and place where they have a little to splurge for something special. I cannot thank you all enough for your previous support.. It is such a great compliment to me. With all those considerations I have made the following changes, which will remain in effect until a time way down the road where life is at least close to normal.

E Files : $30.00.  Purchase a photo and the file will be transferred through

E Mail via Drop box or We Transfer. This method protects the integrity of the image. This method is available to all customers including International. If you find a file you would like and I haven't yet assigned as e file available just drop me an e mail from the contact page. Just remember, I cannot be responsible for the quality of home prints or 3rd party servers i.e smug mug etc. I personally use Bay

Gift certificates : Eight different values from $30 - $400

Whatever your gift giving needs, maybe it's for mother's day or a friends birthday. When you purchase a certificate there is no end date, it's good forever. When the order is placed I will e mail you the certificate and a code. The code will be recorded so if you misplace it I will have a record. Each certificate and code is good for one purchase. When the certificate is used it's value should match the purchase price exactly. Certificate will be printable so you can enclose it in a greeting card. The certificate is non specific  for it's use other than price.

Paper and Metal prints : These are still available, all prices include shipping and tax and apply to all USA addresses. International customers need to drop me a line through the contact e mail for a shipping quote. Bay Photo will continue to fulfill customer orders for mainland USA and International purchases.

State of Hawaii Customers :  Paper prints 16 x 20 and smaller will ship priority mail from my big Island address. Metal Prints will ship from California

All prices include your shipping.

Coaster sets : Will ship Priority mail to all mainland USA addresses and State of Hawaii. Shipping is not available for coasters to International addresses.

16 x 20 an ideal size:  In the next week I will be adding this option to most of my inventory. This is a classic size and with custom framing looks beautiful on any wall but especially behind the three seater sofa. For my  Hawaii customers I can refer you to a custom framer with quality work, acceptable pricing and shipping availability.

Aloha, stay safe and again, please know, I am really grateful for your support.



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