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Is it art or is it photography ?

Is it art or is it photography ?

Does it matter ?

If the image is pleasing enough to make you look at it does it loose it's appeal if you knew the exact answer ?

The truth is... there is no exact answer and all I will say is this; when I am shooting an image and then developing or processing it the style will depend entirely on the end product. Am I shooting an image to display on the wall as a piece of art or am I producing a photo for a college text book.

The end goal is just as important to you when you select an image to purchase.

What is the goal ?

Is it to have a photo souvenir to put in a scrap book or is it create a pleasant space, a feeling of contentment to last sometime ? Something to look at and enjoy everyday.

Is it OK to treat myself ?

Of course it's OK. A long time ago only the very wealthy would hang any pictures on their walls, now, even those with very modest incomes are buying art every day.

There is no risk - subscriber or not, you have 100% guarantee, money back, no questions asked. Just refer to the return policy in an earlier post.

So my wish for you in 2019, stay safe, stay healthy and buy the images  that make the mundane daily routine seem survivable.




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