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Lava relief effort Big Island Hawaii

This weeks best seller image becomes a fund raiser. Help raise funds for Puna lava relief efforts
30% of all on line sales of this image will be used for Lava relief efforts on the Big Island Hawaii.Just follow the link .To those of you who are subscribed to my site your coupon does not apply to this image. Many thank you's in advance - LET'S RAISE SOME MONEY. #1532 - Lava - #25

I will send you a copy of the receipt for whatever is purchased and pics of hand over of items to relief centers
Please share. If you have a subscriber coupon it is not valid for use with this Lava relief fundraiser.You can see the whole lava image by clicking on the image in this article or the link for the fundraiser.

Lava relief fundraiser

Aloha Chris

333 copycd copy 11 x 17

Lava relief fundraiser




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