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New ! Don’t miss out ! E – Files are here

I am so excited to offer you this new way to purchase select images . There is something for everyone  and everyone's budget. How crazy is that ?

Floral images from 10.00, lava images $30.00, some Hawaii coastal views and yes even a couple of Hawaii turtles. Yes ! Just for you and in time for spring cleaning and decorating.

Just open any page then scroll to the bottom. On the right hand side you see the list of product categories. Now select E - File. Each of these images are available as E - Files or if you choose, you may order a metal print fresh from the printer and backed with a 100% guarantee or your full price refunded. Enjoy ! but first you need to read the rest of this so you know how this works.

Your e – file order will be sent to your e mail address via on receipt of your payment
No guarantees are given as to the quality of your print regardless of the service you use or by printing at home. I would suggest a luster paper and if printing to metal choose a matt or satin finish if possible. High gloss is a little too reflective for my taste but maybe not yours.
All prints made by Chris Butcher Photography are made by a guaranteed service where color and quality are controlled. E files are offered for purchase on the strict understanding that they are for personal and not commercial use. Copyright infringements or altering image for any commercial gain or showing image in any electronic format without credit to Chris Butcher Photography is not acceptable . Such infringements will result in one warning to cease and desist followed by legal action. All images produced by Chris Butcher are the intellectual property of Chris butcher. Copyright of all said images belongs to Chris Butcher. If you wish to draw up a contract and license for commercial use of an image please contact me by e mail, I’m sure we can make an arrangement suitable to both of us.  There are no refunds for e – file purchases. All other orders have a 100% guarantee satisfaction or your money back.See March 2017 newsletter – Benefits to subscribing – it contains the return policy.
Aloha and thank you for patiently reading this horrid but necessary statement.

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