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Fissure 8 Big Island Hawaii

Fissure 8 Puna Hawaii

Fissure 8 Big Island Hawaii


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This is fissure 8 which became the focal point of the 2018 Lava eruption in Leilani estates, a residential area in the district of Puna , Big Island, Hawaii. The Lava destroyed homes, home based business,  as well as agricultural land supporting Papayas, tropical flowers, honey and nut production and many others. The loss of many vacation homes has a far reaching impact on the tourist economy. Many of the area residents who provided support services to the area in the form of landscaping , housekeeping and nursery work found themselves out of work overnight some also became homeless. Recovery will be forever  for many. Previous Lava eruptions were much gentler,much smaller and not since the early 90’s had there been loss of property and homes to the flows. This image was shot from three thousand  feet above the lava zone. I was lucky to get flights on a cessna and open the window for better access.Even at that height I could still feel the heat and taste the smell of racing lava At some point the elders will gather and name Fissure 8 something fitting based on location and oral history. 11 x 17 paper print