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Fissure 8 Big Island Hawaii

Fissure 8

Fissure 8 Big Island Hawaii


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My photography is currently walking a fine balanced line.There is  a need to create pieces of  lava work while mindfully respecting those who have lost homes and possibly livelihoods. I cannot even begin to describe the sight of this,we call it fissure 8 but it has grown in such intensity, it’s walls last noted at around 180 feet, soon it will receive an official name once the elders are ready. In the meantime scientists have a rare opportunity to study the formation and activity. This image of Fissure 8 was made from a height of 3,000 ft, flying in a Cessna with the window open. The hardest part was remembering not to stick my head too far out of the window and hang on to a camera with a 300 mm lens on it..somehow others make it look very easy. The lava destroys but it recreates. It is a thing of awe and beauty and I hope I have successfully portrayed those thoughts with this image.Image is sized 11 x 17 ready to hang metal print satin finish Aloha Chris