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Kilauea Iki Hawaii

Kilauea Iki (Copy)


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Kilauea Iki Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Three days after the park was reopened in 2018 I was eager to check out a few of my favorite spots. We had survived three months of earthquakes, most were felt briefly as quick jolts or shakes, some days there were many and every 24 – 32 hours one would be greater than 5. I have yet to be satisfied with my images of Halemaumau, ripped apart, an alien landscape, and a missing plume. I miss the nights I would spend watching the plume. On this particular day as I shot this and other images there was a sense of reverence and awe in all the people I met. A deep sadness that so much had changed but also an excitement to see the new shapes and find reassurance in spots like Kilauea Iki that appeared to be the same. 11 x 17 paper print larger sizes available contact for quote

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