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Lava surge Hawaii

Lava surge Hawaii

Lava surge Hawaii


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Madame Pele forever a contemporary presence and significant cultural influence.Beautiful patterns of pahoehoe lava form as a fresh Lava supply rushes from beneath the partially cooled earlier flow. There are rules to be observed on Hawaii’s Lava field.If you are inside the boundary of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park lava is considered a mineral and you will not interfere with it, you can be fined. More important according to Local Hawaiian culture it is very, very, disrespectful to manipulate or otherwise disturb the lava anywhere , even outside the park. Lava is considered to be the embodiment of Madame Pele, a goddess who resides in the volcano. Not only will you incur her wrath but even worse, your behavior will be frowned upon by many residents. Off course you could get badly injured and even die which would be terribly unfortunate but probably better for you than being shamed and frowned upon . Much easier for you to just watch it and purchase a nice image.   Gorgeous Lava print from Hawaii Five choices 30 x 20 E- File and you print Quality metal print 11 x 17 or 30 x 20 luster paper print 11 x 17 or 30 x 20

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E – File, metal 11 x 17, metal 30 x 20, paper 11 x 17, paper 30 x 20