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103 Rainbow Falls Big Island Hawaii

Rainbow Falls (Copy)


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Rainbow Falls one of the best sellers at my photo booth. This isn’t an easy image to make due to the way the sun moves in relation to the location. I am the first to enjoy the bright high dynamic images but this one I prefer to leave in it’s classic appearance. A typical overcast day at Rainbow Falls, intermittent showers but on the plus side not too many tour buses pulling in so I could afford to take my time over the exposures. The other challenge is arriving when the volume of water is just right, too little and it’s not the image I need and too much creates spray and the speed makes it near impossible to get this look. Image is sized at 11 x 14 inches printed with eight archival inks on professional paper.. Image fits a 16 x 20 frame providing you a classic art piece to compliment all decor styles. A restful piece, worthy of your home.

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E – File, paper 11 x 14