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Road Blocks

What are your road blocks ? what stops you from reaching your goals ? Who put up those road blocks ?

Before I retired from "The job" it was easy to empower those pesky voices in the back of your head, you know, we all have them regardless of the variety of our goals. Here are some I am sure you are familiar with.

I have no time. It costs too much.I need to pay the bills. My friend told me it's not possible.I don't know how.People won't like it. I am not very good. I should be satisfied. On and on we go until one day we tell the voices to be quiet while we look for ways to demolish the road blocks.

One of my many road blocks is writing, I don't think I am very good at it, apparently my dog agrees so this year I am removing that block and sending the dog to classes on how to be more supportive.

How many of us subscribe to endless e mail newsletters and rarely take the time to open them and read something, own up because I know I have. Well my new rule is read 5 emails a day besides general communications from friends and family. I am amazed, day four and the new routine is comfortable. Reading articles from industry related people has provided me with some direction on 'How to remove roadblocks..'

I think we lost the art of e mail when Social media took over our lives.. what do you think ? Here are some of the things  email and general Internet searches helped me with this week.

How to write a subject line in an e mail that avoids spam police.

How to write a subject line that improves the likely hood that someone opens the  item ( yes, I am watching...42% of my subscribers open my e mail..I think it could be better )

How to use internet galleries for sales...... don't put all your eggs in one basket

How to make chicken pot pie on you tube......... it was yummy

Along the way I found this great Art blog the writer lays out the conversation much better than I do and the ideas are applicable to any one. So, what is your road block. Read the article..maybe it will help you.

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